Download Chromecast for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (Updated Process for 2019)

Chromecast for Windows: In today’s world, everyone likes to spend most of their free time catching up on the news or watching their favourite TV series on the television.  Currently, for this people do not necessarily have to buy a DTH Network, there has been the good introduction of the Web-connected TV which in reality is difficult to quite figure out.

Chromecast for Windows
Chromecast for Windows

For this Web-connected TV there are various options like Apple TV or Roku. Users can also go for the television sets like Samsung’s smart TV’s that have fast perfect streaming apps designed in. They all play the same role but none of them are absolutely perfect. Thus Google is trying to make things simple for the users a bit. Instead of introducing another Web connected set up network, it has introduced Chromecast in the market for the users costing $35 per dongle which can be directly plugged in into the TV set and which impressions the content from the user’s phone, PC or tablet. This has been considered as a very fast selling digital technology in the market.

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is just a device with a two-inch long gizmo that’s of the size and shape of a USB drive. It can be plugged directly into the TV’s HDMI port and can be connected to the Internet using any Wifi connection.  From then, everything else can be controlled with the help of the user’s computer, phone or the tablet. There is no requirement of a normal remote control. It enables the users to connect to the home network which then can be controlled with the help of their smartphone. It basically is an budget-friendly HDMI dondle which enables the users to wirelessly cast any content to the TV set easily.

Set Up

The set-up procedure of a Chromecast device is very easy, it just involves the plugging in of the Chromecast into the TV’s HDMI port and a power source and then finally installing the Google Home mobile App on the smartphone to begin with the process and by following the setup instructions. After the quick setup with the help of the computer, there is no user interface but just the screen shows “Ready to cast”. After that it is ready to showcase videos from the Android device, iPhone, iPad, or Chrome Web browser on the Laptop. From the computer, the users can see whatever is on their Chrome browser to the Chromecast by just installing a small extension that can be placed accordingly on the user’s browser toolbar. The users are required to just tap on the extension’s button and whatever appears on their Chrome browser would “mirror” on to their TV set in real time. It operates and functions well with Web pages, YouTube videos, Google Docs, anyone can name it. It acts like a wireless HDMI cable between the PC and the TV.

What can be casted via Chromecast?

List of Apps

Casting content on the TV screen is a very effective and simple task to do to enjoy mobile app function on a huge screen. Playback to volume functions, everything can be casted with the help of this device from the smartphone or PC.

Some of the apps include:


Prime video



Angry Birds




Google Photos


BBC iPlayer

Twitch, and many more.The list goes on. There are various entertainment options available for casting.

How is it Different?

The Chromecast device does not require the user’s account information because they are already logged in to the apps that are already downloaded on the smartphone or the PC. This makes it a little different from the other digital sets. Other set technology network boxes generally have some kind of app support. However, by the use of smartphones and tablets there is a good offer of a lot of flexibility. YouTube adds on to some vital advantages with the group playlist functionality, but beyond that, most set top boxes will still be better in the present, if there is no other reason than because they have more different services. Hulu, HBO GO, ESPN, and many more of the other widely used famous apps are absolutely unavailable, except by screen sharing through a browser tab.

Chromecast provides a completely different experience to the user’s laptop. The users can view anything that functions on the Chrome but if might but a bit jittery and slow and may see buffer periods if the user’s Wifi connection is not that strong.

At the end Chromecast has immense potential. Its not perfect but its totally worth the price and absolutely perfect for any user. Any user who owns a TV set must have a Chromecast as it makes things pretty simple. Why strain your eyes on a small screen and instead take out some money for a device which can makes life so much easier.

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