Black and White Inkjet Printer vs Monochrome Laser Printer

It is known that inkjet printers have the feature to be able to print both in color and monochrome. There is no separate inkjet printer that prints exclusively in monochrome. Inkjet printers are proven excellent in terms of black and white printing capability and color printing feature. In most of the cases, inkjet is preferred over laser printing. Some features outweigh others; this becomes very confusing for the customers who want to purchase a printer. It is best to compare as the various featured equipped with the printer must be beneficial and must match your needs. Hence, a good comparison of the two printers might as well clear the majority of the doubts.

Black and White Inkjet Printer vs Monochrome Laser Printer

Inkjet Side-Inkjet vs Laser Printer

Inkjet printers can print in multiple colors, black and white inclusive. Hence, an inkjet printer bought for the sake of monochrome printing can be used for color printing as well. One benefit that the buyer will not experience in laser printers is flexibility in color balances and choices. Having just one printer for color and monochrome printing is better than having separate ones. It works without compromising on quality and serves both the purposes.


Inkjet printers never compromise on quality. That being said, the buyer can experience a two-fold benefit of sharper output and choices of color. Every pixel is very detailed in both color and monochrome printing. Another fact is that people prefer inkjet printing devices for monochrome printing over laser ones, which is somewhat surprising considering that laser printers print only in monochrome.


All benefits come with disadvantages. Through inkjet printers proved to have precise quality in the image, it is not the case in printing out texts. Coming to letters, laser printers usually win the game. 

When it comes to price, inkjet printers need lesser investment than laser monochrome printers below 15000. If you want a high-quality flexible printer that can produce sharp imagery at an affordable price, then inkjet printers can satisfy you.


Laser Side-Inkjet vs Laser Printer

As you already might have known, Laser printers are exclusive to printing only in black and white. However, this inflexibility comes to use if the need arises and cannot be the only reason to neglect it altogether. If one is looking for a printer to print texts efficiently and with high resolution, then laser monochrome printers often steal the spotlight. Laser printers have a different procedure, which makes the produced output very sharp and anti-aliased. Hence, the presence of laser printers is more in commercial fields and businesses for fine documentation and files.


The ink used by this printer is highly cost-efficient, which is not the case in inkjet printers. As inkjet printers blend various colors to get that perfect contrast of grey, it tends to use much ink. The price saved when purchasing an inkjet gets used up in buying ink cartridges for it. The two inks (drum and toner) are cheap and long-lasting as well.

When it comes to speed, laser printers are faster as and when compared to inkjets. As inkjets produce high-quality imagery, it takes a considerable amount of time to produce. This is not the case in laser ones.


A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages that come with inkjet printers and laser ones will show you a complete overview of those two. Make sure your decision is smart and wise!

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