Blood Pressure Monitors- Picking Best for Home Use

Doctors are currently advising to keep track of their BP results at home. This is to get an average on the numbers displayed over time, as the number obtained at the doctor’s office is a number at that moment. A track can permit a doctor to assess your BP much better.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Out of so many Best Blood Pressure monitors, which one is best and affordable? To get a BP monitor, one will not need any prescription. There are basic to advanced models. Some can even be worn on the wrist or arm in the day. However, when it comes to BP monitor, it’s not fanciness but the accuracy that is important.

Different Types of BP Monitors Explained

Arm Monitors

In this type, you get 2 fundamental types that make use of an arm cuff to measure your BP.

  •    Aneroid monitors:Bulb is squeezed for cuff inflation that is wrapped around the upper arm. To get the BP measurement, you read the present gauge. This is not so pricey choice, but they are also easily damageable.
  •    Digital monitors:The cuff is inflated on certain models, but some others inflate on their own with their built-in feature. A small screen display is present where one can get the reading. Some models give a print out on paper as well. These models are easy to read and use.

Wrist Monitors

These are other types of monitors that do not employ cuff inflation. However, these models tend to be lesser precise in their readings as compared to arm monitors. This is so as you require to get the reading with the heart level that is obtained from your wrist. Since other positions are not so accurate and can impact the numbers, the wrist is used to get heart levels. These models are employed for people who feel their upper arm is very large, and cuff hurts.

Apps-operated BP monitor

Certain apps claim that they can measure BP. But, these are technically inaccurate, based on the research done.  

A checklist for BP monitor Shopping:

  • Ensure it fits as a wrong sized arm cuff can hurt you and impact your readings as well. Let it be frugal; it’s completely ok.
  • Ensure that the features enabled are useful for you and not just a fancy. Do your research before the purchase.
  • Easy and simple to use

BP monitors can be termed best when the accuracy is high, high in a quality simple to use, and affordable.

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